Tanning Cocktail

  • The tanner receives a spray tan immediately after completing a sunbed tanning session.
  • Why?
    • Sunbed tanning help to open your skin pores, which aids in the absorption of the sunless spray solution into your skin
    • This produces a deep and long-lasting tan

Follow these tips for wise UV tanning

Use skin care lotions designed for pre and post tanning:

  • Use indoor tanning lotions before and after tanning
  • Use an indoor tanning lotion to accelerate the tanning process
  • Us an indoor tanning lotion to improve the appearance of your tan
  • Opulence Tanning has skincare lotions that match your needs perfectly – ask our staff for assistance

Go slow

  • Take your time. Just like most things in life, great changes take time.
  • Use good judgment: do not tan more than once during a 24-hour period.
  • Tan often and in short sessions to get the best results; one to three times a week is advised.
  • Utilize the right level of UV intensity that most closely matches your skin color and tone.
  • Try a tanning cocktail to provide an alternative to your weekly plan.

Wear Eye Protection

  • Always wear protective eye goggles when tanning.

Get the most out of your spray tanning session

At Home

Do the following at home to maximize your results:

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate your skin.
  • Do not use skin lotions, moisturizers perfume or make-up.
  • Again, do not wear make-up.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to the salon.

Opulence Tanning has nose plugs available for you during your session.


The spray tan requires approximately four hours to setup well on your skin. The spray tan should last four to seven days. To safeguard your spray tan:

  • Do not shower, bath or swim for at least four hours after your spray tan session.
  • Avoid hot tubs.
  • Try to stay cool. Do your best not to perspire for at least four hours after your session.
  • Use a skin lotion designed for spray tanned skin.