Whether you’re getting ready for a tropical vacation or simply want that sun-kissed glow, Opulence Tanning offers the newest, state-of-the-art indoor Ultra-Violet (UV) tanning beds and the highest quality spray tanning services. After using any of our tanning services, you’ll soon begin to notice the healthy glow that instantly gives you that boost you needed. Many tanners choose to combine spray tanning with indoor tanning – called cocktail tanning. Come talk to us about how cocktail tanning helps produce a deeper, darker tan.

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UV Tanning

Opulence Tanning offers two new lay-down UV beds and one new stand-up UV bed. These beds are able to satisfy all of your tanning needs: relaxing 15-minute sessions, quick-bronzing 10-minute sessions, facial tanners, shoulder tanners, cooling fans and AUX cords to play your own music or enjoy ours. Read our tanning guidelines for wise tanning tips.

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Spray Tanning

The Opulence Tanning professionals can provide you with a spray tan that will perfectly match your skin tone with just one visit. We do our spray tanning in a private room created specifically for spray tanning. To help provide the absolute best service, Opulence Tanning uses only the highest quality spray tanning products and to help you get on your way quickly, a body dryer bathes you in warm air to speed the drying process.

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*It is important to note: a sunless spray tan is a completely cosmetic tan and does not provide protection from the sun’s rays.


Price List – Tanning (includes tax!!)

Single Tans

-Level 3: $8.00

-Level 4:  $11.00

10 Tan Pass

-Level 3: $38

-Level 4: $53

Spray Tan Prices

Custom Spray: $35.00

Partial Spray: $15.00

Unlimited Tanning per Month

 Level 3: $42.00          All Levels: $57.00

Seven Days to Sexy – $17.00  

(trial period – 7 consecutive days – ANY level)

Seven Days to Sexy with Red Light Therapy Session – $17.00  

Tanning Cocktail – $TBA

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